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Do Not Text - Learn the Laws

Learn the laws

The mobile channel can energize your marketing efforts and help you target specific audiences - if you use it correctly. While mobile marketing lets you take advantage of the latest technology trends, it also carries unique compliance challenges.

You must understand the applicable state and federal laws -- including TCA compliance rules -- and if your text message is permitted under these laws.

Utilizing technology solutions from PossibleNOW and consulting services from our sister company, CompliancePoint, can help you conquer the complex maze of mobile marketing laws.

Learn more about text message compliance by downloading and listening to these webinars. (Includes audio and presentation)

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Do Not Text - Learn the Lingo

Learn the lingo

If you plan to use mobile marketing as part of your overall strategy, it is important to understand the terminology - as well as the relevant laws - and how the laws apply to each type of mobile message.


"SMS" stands for short message service and is a means of communicating on your mobile phone by sending and receiving plain text messages. Other words for SMS include text messaging, texting, mobile messaging, and wireless messaging.

The Federal Trade Commission's Telemarketing Sales Rule and the Federal Communication Commission's Telephone Consumer Protection Act regulate the use of SMS or text messages.


"MSCM" stands for mobile service commercial message and refers to commercial mail messages that are transmitted directly to a wireless device. You must be a subscriber of a commercial mobile service to receive these messages.

A commercial message is considered a MSCM if it is sent to any address containing a reference (whether or not displayed) to an Internet domain listed on the FCC's wireless domain names list.

The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 regulates MSCM messages.

Access regulatory charts & news
Do Not Text Resources


Download these educational webinars at your convenience. The length of each webinar varies from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

  • Mobile Consent & Mobile Scoring Services
    You already understand the rules regarding TCPA compliance. But, do you have a solution in place for identifying mobile numbers and capturing express written consent? PossibleNOW does - and you'll see how easy it can be to ensure TCPA compliance. Plus, increase your confidence in contacting mobile phone numbers and right party contact with our new mobile scoring service.
    Length: 30 minutes
  • Ensuring Compliance Through Mobile Consent
    New TCPA rules for capturing prior express written consent for the delivery of calls and text messages to mobile devices using automated dialers have been in effect since October 2013. This webinar explains the risks involved and what is triggering the increase in class action lawsuits. Learn best practices from an actual case study as well as effective and affordable solutions for ensuring compliance.
    Length: 48 minutes
  • TXT MSG 101
    This webinar presents what every marketer needs to know about sending commercial text messages. That's because sending commercial text messages to mobile devices comes under regulatory scrutiny - and failure to comply can mean stiff financial penalties or even the risk of class action lawsuits. However, text messaging can be a great way to reach your audience - if you do it properly. Learn more about the laws that restrict text messages and the difference between an informational and solicitous text message. You'll also learn how to handle Do Not Text requests.
    Length: 45 minutes