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Do Not Mail - Mail Smarter

Mail Smarter

Respect Contact Mail Preferences

With rising postal costs, it's important to ensure that your mail pieces reach your intended audience - and that the recipients are willing to receive your mail. DNmail can help ensure the deliverability of your mail campaigns as well as honor any Do Not Mail requests from your customers or prospects.

Although there are no current laws restricting direct mail, many states have introduced legislation. Organizations such as the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) maintain lists of consumers who wish to opt-out of direct mail such as pre-screened credit offers or catalogs or magazines.

DNmail is a compliance managed service which is handled by our team of Do Not Contact experts. We handle all the work for you! We'll explain how to submit your direct mail list and the other data hygiene processes that we can perform to help ensure deliverability.

Your company can use DNCSolution to capture internal requests for Do Not Mail. You can also "scrub" your direct mail campaign against other third party databases such as the DMA's Deceased Do Not Contact list or DMAchoice list. Eliminating those who are not interested in your direct mail offers saves money and reduces complaints about unwanted mail.

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Do Not Mail - Optional Services

Optional Services

Optional Services Boost Mail Deliverability

Keep your budget on track by ensuring that your mail campaign reaches your target audience.

PossibleNOW offers a variety of optional services to boost mail deliverability and campaign effectiveness including the following:

  • Removing duplicate records
  • Appending a secondary address
  • NCOA - National Change of Address
  • CASS - Standardizes address output to improve the accuracy of carrier route, zip code and delivery point codes that appear on mail pieces
  • DPV - Delivery point validation goes beyond checking that an address is correctly formatted and validates that the address does exist and is a valid destination
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Do Not Email - List Management Services

List Management Services

Avoid The Wrong Audience

Sometimes, the best way to reach the right audience is to avoid the wrong one! Our List Management Services can help.

You can choose to suppress against residential or commercial market segments to reach the appropriate audience for your product or service. We can suppress against virtually any market segment including the following:

  • DMA Deceased list
  • Military
  • Prisons
  • Colleges and universities
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals