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Do Not Call List Lookup Services

Did you know that your business could face fines over $40,000 per phone call just by contacting someone on the Do Not Call list? Under the Do Not Call provision of the TSR (the federal Telemarketing Sales Rule), violations can be up to $43,280 per call. Additionally, state Do Not Call rules can vary, and violations can range from $100 to $25,000 per call. Once you take these numbers into account, it’s easy to see how most lawsuits with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that pertain to the DNC Registry cost the violator well over $100,000. Luckily, these legal issues and expensive fees are easy to avoid with the right processes in place.

The federal Do Not Call list is a national database of phone numbers that people utilize to opt-out of receiving sales calls. Companies cannot reach out to a telephone number on this list without express permission. If you use sales calls as a part of your marketing strategy, then you must be sure you remain in compliance with these regulations.

Telemarketing calls are a potentially profitable way to reach potential buyers in your marketplace. For some people, these calls connect them with valuable products or services. However, these cold calls quickly lose their value when you become slammed with a lawsuit, court fees, and government fines.

With DNCSolution, we make it easy to conduct Do Not Call verification to keep your contact list information current. Below, we share more about this federal program, what it involves, and how to remain compliant as a business.

Customer-Focused Support

How do I check the Do Not Call list?

The FTC website keeps a complete record of every number on the national Do Not Call Registry. In theory, your sales team could check every number in this registry before you make your next sales call. That would become extremely cumbersome, resource-intensive, and time-consuming.

The better way is to run a Do Not Call list check on your list of phone numbers. A quality scrubbing program will erase each number that has opted out of receiving phone calls. Lookup programs check the registry consistently to ensure you have the most up-to-date information. DNCSolution was built to serve this purpose, providing a safe and secure way to scrub your lists against federal- and state-maintained Do Not Contact registries.

How long does a number stay on the Do Not Call list?

Once a landline or mobile phone number is on the registry, it stays there forever. No record comes off the list without the express permission of its owner.

After a telephone number is added to the registry, it can no longer receive legal telemarketing calls. Companies that violate this registry are subject to significant fines.

Note: The federal Do Not Call list restrictions only apply to telemarketing calls. This list does not restrict phone calls relating to politics, information sharing, non-profit causes, or similar reasons. As long as no sales pitch occurs, the contact remains legal.

Is there a cell phone Do Not Call Registry?

Only one Do Not Call Registry exists, and it includes both landlines and mobile phones. Consumers add mobile numbers the same way as landlines on the FTC website.

Once a consumer submits a number, companies have 31 days to update that information in their system.

Remember that Do Not Call lists entries never expire. Once a number is on the list, it stays there until the line becomes discontinued or the owner requests a removal.

Integration Capability

Choose DNCSolution to stay in compliance with federal Do Not Call regulations

As a business owner, avoiding costly legal expenses is vital to your long-term success. The Do Not Call Registry can be very expensive. Fines can easily reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. For most businesses, this amounts to a cost you will never recover from financially.

Don't risk the future of your business. A small investment in scrubbing software will save you down the road. If you are cutting costs, federal compliance should never be on the chopping block.

DNCSolution’s call scrubbing program makes it easy to check your contact lists against all Do Not Call lists. You’ll be able to simplify the process and mitigate compliance risk across the enterprise. It will provide detailed real-time reporting of your compliance activities, and you’ll be able to take advantage of available exemptions at the state and federal levels.

Choose DNCSolution to protect yourself against any future complaints. We take care of this confusing process so that you can relax and focus on conducting your business and making sales.

Contact PossibleNOW today to bring your processes into compliance. Our experienced consultants will be happy to help you navigate this process.

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