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The History and Purpose of Do Not Contact Regulations

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DNC Compliance

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, also known as TCPA, implemented many important telemarketing regulations. The Do-Not-Call list is one of the measures that got enacted during this time. When consumers request that they not be contacted, they expect that companies will adhere to their wishes. Anytime they're contacted after that, it's a bad experience with the organization that is likely to get the person complaining on social media and to regulatory commissions.

What's the Importance of DNC Compliance

Many consumers are frustrated with robocalls interrupting their days repeatedly. They've increased exponentially over the past few years, leading to many frustrated people dealing with unwanted calls. With many people relying on cell phones as their only phone line, this is a particularly disruptive situation. This situation results in regulatory updates as the law is being refined. Your company has to be prepared to comply with new measures that are put in place. Otherwise, you could face expensive fines and long-lasting damage to your company's reputation.

DNC Compliance Requirements

When your business places a call to customers, you have to know whether you're reaching a landline or a mobile phone, and whether or not the consumer consented to receive phone calls or text message communications to their mobile device. Additionally, you're responsible for checking whether the current owner of the mobile phone number is the same person as the one who consented to be called.

If you are relying on an established business relationship as your basis for communication, you must be able to prove that you have an established business relationship with the customer prior to contacting them. On a federal level, this means that they have had a transaction with your company within the past 18 months, or they've sent in an inquiry within the last three months. The state level may have a completely different set of requirements that you have to consider when you contact people within that state.

If you call someone when they are on the Do-Not-Call list, you face significant fines. You could be paying up to $41,484 federally and $25,000 state per incident for failure to comply. That's a costly proposition for many organizations.

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What Kind of Problems Does DNC Compliance Solve

The most immediate problem that DNC compliance solves is avoiding expensive fines because they add up quickly. You also show that you respect your prospects and customers by following their DNC requests. Providing a great customer experience is one of the biggest ways that companies stand out from the crowd. Showing that your customers' time is valuable goes a long way towards creating a quality relationship.

You keep your reputation in the marketplace clean and clear, as it can be hard to shake off accusations of being a spam caller. People get understandably frustrated when their cell phones are dialed by repeat robocalls dozens of times per day, so the least you can do is avoid being lumped in with bad actors. Staying on top of DNC compliance also lets your employees spend their time on people who are more likely to respond favorably to the call topic.

You don't want your sales team to constantly run into prospects who are upset because they didn't want a phone call. That wastes everyone's time and resources. With DNC compliance, the sales staff focuses all of their attention on quality leads who want to hear more about these products and services. You can end up with a higher conversion rate along with better customer loyalty over the long run.

Nobody's perfect, so if you do make mistakes, do your best to apologize to the wronged party. One way to avoid these types of situations going forward is to put a DNC compliance solution in place that keeps your company fully compliant and adapting to the latest regulatory changes.

What Solutions are Available for DNC Compliance

DNC compliance is a complex and resource-intensive task when you're doing it all yourself. Thankfully, many solutions are available for DNC compliance that lift this burden from your organization. These types of solutions consolidate federal, state, trade industry, and company DNC lists into a comprehensive scrubbing system and provides managed services for implementation. They also offer exceptional support and training to equip your business with the resources it needs to understand the importance of DNC compliance and how it relates to the customer experience.

DNC regulations might be complex, but these solutions offer a process that isn't overwhelming. You have to juggle a lot to figure out exactly which requirements you have to follow with each person you contact. Get your uncertainties alleviated so that you have a confident and capable position when reaching out to customers. A DNC compliance solution that takes a wide and deep approach to cover the changing landscape and ensuring comprehensive coverage is a must.

We offer many benefits when your company uses us for DNC scrubbing:

  • World-class infrastructure for high-volume scrubbing needs
  • Exceptional customer support and application training to set your company up for success
  • Integration into your current business technology stack, such as customer relationship management software
  • 100% compliance guarantee

Staying in compliance with DNC regulations is an essential part of doing business today. Work with a partner that keeps you from upsetting your customers and falling behind on regulatory changes. That way, you can focus your company's resources on other important projects, rather than spending all of your time working on-call list compliance.